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  • Reflections on Wisdom, Wellness, and Wholeness

    Reflections on Wisdom, Wellness, and Wholeness

    On the full moon of May we landed in Thailand and were met by our friend Hajar. “Oh, you have timed your arrival perfectly, this is the Vesak, the celebration of the enlightenment of the Buddha. This is a three-day holiday and the whole country is very happy!” Can you imagine living in a country that has a three-day national holiday dedicated to affirming and celebrating the potential for yourself — and all beings — to awaken fully to our true nature and highest potentials? Depending on your frame of reference, or reverence, you might translate this for yourself to mean awakening to your wholeness, true self, divine nature, or to Christ, or Buddha within you.

  • David Suzuki: an Elder’s Vision for our Sustainable Future

    A talk by the brilliant David Suzuki.

  • Potent Conversations

    Potent Conversations

    This past week we’ve been in the Bay Area meeting with friends, colleagues, and luminaries in various transformational movements. No better time than the present to start our new blog. This is our first post! May the conversation be fruitful, for the benefit of all.

  • Mindful Nation UK: A Historic Moment

    Mindful Nation UK: A Historic Moment

    Today is a turning point for the global view of the value and integration of Mindfulness in our modern lives and work-life. After a year of intensive research by a committed group of mindfulness practitioners, teachers, leaders and policy makers, the final report from the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group (MAPPG) and the Mindfulness Initiative will be releasing […]

  • Should We Really Call It ‘Interdependence Day’?

    [Originally posted on Huffington Post] Having just celebrated Independence Day in the U.S. with fireworks, picnics and time with family and friends, it is fitting and timely to also consider and reflect upon the wisdom of “interdependence.” Is anything truly “independent” at all? Does anything exist separately — in and of itself — and outside […]