Wisdom AdventuresEarth

With Michelle & Joel Levey

((( Explorations of New Frontiers of Personal and Global Discovery )))

Kindred souls… on the Journey of a Lifetime…Waking-Up Together…

To the beauty of our world and its myriad life-forms and Wisdom Cultures…

and to the profound depths of relationship we share with each other and with all creation.

Bhutan…Bali…Thailand….Hawaii…The Alps….Costa Rica…New Zealand…Olympic Mountains…Haida Gwaii…&… Beyond…

Have you ever learned how to fully arrive at your destination with each breath… and each step…?

Bhutan Learning Expedition 2017

Bhutan Learning Expedition 2017


Do you yearn to live and learn with a deeper sense of wonder, gratitude, and curiosity?

Can you imagine the delights of traveling with kindred spirits intent on deepening on their Journey?

If so, our Wisdom Adventures and Learning Expeditions are for you!

Our creative collaboration with Ponte Travels allows us to offer these wonder-full and enlightening adventures with ease in having all the arrangements worked out with hosts and venues in the countries that we visit.  Ponte’s dedication to “socially responsive and responsible travel” provides benefits for the cultures and communities that we visit.IMG_5288

Upcoming Wisdom Adventures are planned for Bhutan, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Haida Gwaii.

Contact us for more information.

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