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Wisdom Title

the latest book from
Dr. Joel Levey & Michelle Levey

Berkeley: Conari Press, May, 1999

Foreword Dr. Michael Ray, Stanford School of Business

Preface by Joan Borysenko

307 pages - elegant hard cover

Retail Price: $13.95 ($17.50 post paid)

ISBN: 1-57324-180-6

Wisdom at Work is a contemporary mental fitness manual field-tested in team and leadership development programs at over 100 leading organizations including Hewlett-Packard, NASA, AT&T, Intel, Advanced Technologies Laboratories, Intuit, Travelers Insurance, Group Health Cooperative, and with the Ultimate Warrior Training Program for the U.S. Army Special Forces. This book offers a treasury of practical wisdom distilled from many of the most respected authorities on the world’s inner science traditions and an introduction to the disciplines necessary for personal mastery and resilience in times of increasing intensity and accelerating change.

Words of praise for "Wisdom at Work" …

"There are those who would dismiss the business community/corporate leaders as caring only and selfishly about the bottom line, quarterly performance results, stock market prices, and their own power and wealth. I believe this would be a huge mistake, both because it is not true and because in fact business may be the most important resource we have in transforming our culture/planet into a more just and environmentally sound and conscious society. In reality, business and corporate leaders are highly talented and well positioned to have an extremely important and positive impact on the world, and must be partners in the global transformation. Their skills in creating and managing complex and global systems is of utmost importance for our future; their visioning, organizing and strategic thinking abilities are urgently needed in service of the 'common work.'

"Helping to prepare business leaders, helping to awaken and strengthen their deepest values and providing them with tools for (spiritual?) transformation in the workplace is as important a task as exists for the future well-being of our entire planet. This, of course, is precisely the work that Joel and Michelle Levey do in their real lives in the real world, and what they so skillfully communicate in this vital new book. In the process they invoke and support the best qualities and values in all of us, they provide the tools for powerful and well placed business leaders to apply their enormous talents in service of a greater good, both in the workplace and ultimately on behalf of all of humanity and the earth.

"This is an enlightening book, one which helps us to remember who we truly are and enables us to bring our wisest and most compassionate selves to our work, our lives and the world at large. 'Wisdom at Work' is lovingly written. The Levey's deep caring and love for the reader is apparent throughout the text. They are gentle and strong, and consistently express deep respect for their audience. They model the kind of behavior that is needed today, as well as profound knowledge and understanding of the mind and consciousness. They clearly know the path intimately and delight in sharing it — ever with clarity and total integrity. They have complete confidence that these practices will lead to increased capacity, higher levels of performance, greater mindfulness and concentration. This is a wonderful example of 'learning to change the world from the inside out;' of 'being in the world but not of the world;' of strengthening our inner life and consequently enhancing the quality of our outer work. I can think of no more important reading for the caring and intelligent business leader."

— Charles Terry, Director of Philanthropy, Rockefeller Financial Services