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Living in Balance ~ $18.95

Luminous Mind: Meditation & Mind Fitness ~  $17

Wisdom at Work ~ $25

The Fine Arts of Relaxation, Concentration, & Meditation ~ $18

Self-Guided Relaxation (CD)~ $20

Focus!  Mastering the Power of Mindfulness and Attention (from Audible!)

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Resilience Skills for Thriving in Disruptive and Uncertain Times – Leveys’ Corona Yoga Chapter Corona Transmissions – A chapter by the Leveys from the new book Corona Transmissions 

The Vital Role of Mind-Fitness for Police Reform, Blue Light Emergency Services, and Military Transformation: Briefing for British Parliament – also see – More Info

Mindful Leadership and Resilience PrePublication- Leveys Mindful Leadership Article Clinical Radiology

The Roots and Shoots of Mindfulness – Insights regarding the origins and diverse expressions of mindfulness in the modern world Leveys Mindfulness ISSEEM Article.

Mindful Leadership and Wisdom at Work at HERE – UK’s leading Social Enterprise Organization for 2018 

 Essential Practices from the Leveys 

The Leveys’ latest book – Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mind Fitness  is now available in print, ebook, and audiobook formats.  More

Read about the new, updated, edition of the Leveys Nautilus Award Winning book – Living in Balance: A Mindful Guide for Thriving in a Complex World – with a Foreword kindly offered by The Dalai Lama. Available in print and ebook formats.   To order.

Practical Wisdom from the Leveys

  •  The VUCA Savvy Leader – Article written at the request of the American Management Association for their MWorld magazine offering guidance for leaders on how to increase their capacity of extra-ordinary performance in VUCA times – which are characterized as Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.
  •  Exploring the Mind Fitness Frontier Article written at the request of the Washington Athletic Club illuminating the mechanisms and profoundly practical value of mindfulness and other key Mental Fitness practices for developing the Executive Powers of our minds.
  • The Roots and Shoots of Mindfulness – A recently published article by the Leveys illuminating the origins, history, traditions, secular adaptations, and profound dimensions of Mindfulness Practice.
  • Stress Resilience: 7 Disciplines for Wisdom at Work (for Darwin Magazine) – Strategies drawn from our work with peak performers in sports, business, medicine, and the U.S. Army Special Forces to help you increase your stress resilience, enhance your vitality and performance, and thrive personally and professionally.
  • 30 Strategies for Mastering Stress Excerpted from Quality of Mind – Life’s myriad of changes often lead to an accumulation of stress. Here is a compendium of simple, common sense strategies for transforming mental and physical tension into energy creatively and effectively expressed.
  • Corporate Culture, Organizational Health, and Human Potential: Reflections for Leaders – Article for Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) Journal the EAPA Exchange. Jump to our section on The Center for Corporate Culture and Organizational Health and discover the vital and profound relationship between organizational culture, business results, and the health and productivity of employees.
  • Foreword by the Levey’s for Buddhism and Veganism: Essays Connecting Spiritual Awakening and Animal Liberation, Will Tuttle (Editor)

Guided Meditations & Relaxation Exercises

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