Living in Balance

This fun, and enjoyable workshop will offer a profoundly practical and inspiring blend of skills for living in balance, creating peace, harmony and wholeness within ourselves in our daily lives and rapidly changing world. There will be inspiring teachings, guided meditations, mindful dialogue, and group reflection with plenty of time for questions. There will also be a strong focus on how to weave and integrate these principles and practices for Living in Balance into the fabric of your daily life-work-relationships.

If any of these compelling questions “resonate” for you, this special program on Living in Balance is worthy of your attention:

Have you ever wondered how to quiet and focus your mind, and cultivate clear presence,  dynamic balance, compassion, and peace of mind?

Have you ever wondered which of the millions of methods of meditation and personal mastery are best suited to you?


Are you interested in learning how to weave greater mindfulness and compassion seamlessly into the fabric of your daily life-work & relationships?


Do the blessings and challenges of your life-work-world inspire you to develop more fully the strengths and capacities you need to be a more effective presence for wisdom, compassion, creativity, and peace in our world?

Are you practically oriented, open minded, and interested in mind fitness, peak performance, personal mastery, change resilience, and living in balance?


Can you imagine how different your life could be if you awakened to the deeper wisdom, compassion, peace of mind, creativity, and intuitive intelligence that is latent within you?

Dr. Joel & Michelle Levey, authors of Living in Balance: A Dynamic Approach for Creating Harmony & Wholeness in a Chaotic World (foreword by the Dalai Lama) offer a wealth of practical wisdom, skills and perspectives from the leading edge of the human performance sciences that will inspire you to discover ways you can live in greater balance in today’s complex and rapidly changing world. These times of accelerating change and growing uncertainty provide a rich learning environment for us all to learn the resiliency arts necessary for living in dynamic balance.

“As we learn to live in dynamic balance, we begin to discover the presence of clarity in the midst of confusion, sense the stillness in the midst of motion, peace in the midst of turbulence, openness when faced with uncertainty, and touch the love present behind fear and anger. This natural learning process teaches us how to dance with the innumerable paradoxes of our lives with greater confidence, suppleness, flow, compassion, clear presence, and intuitive wisdom.”

— Joel & Michelle Levey, excerpt from Living in Balance

These principles and practices apply to every dimension of your life, work, and relationships. Amidst all the turbulence and uncertainty in the world around us, deepening our wisdom, cultivating peace of mind, refining our attention to the ever changing stream of information, clarifying our values, and developing our capacity for living with ambiguity and complexity are becoming more and more essential to our personal and collective health, sanity, vitality, sustainability, and capacity to thrive in our lives.

The Leveys’ teachings draw insights and inspirations from four decades of intensive exploration and research of the mindbody connection; extraordinary human performance; clinical experience in integral medicine & health; international travel & study of the world’s great wisdom traditions; and insights from work with tens of thousands of people in hundreds of organizations and communities around the globe – including extensive work here on the Big Island.

This workshop is designed to support you in living with greater balance, deeper wisdom, wonder, creativity, and awareness in your life, work, and relationships. It will introduce you to a rich selection of profoundly practical guidance, methods, and skills for self-discovery, self-awareness, self-mastery, and for expanding your capacity to be a source of greater help and inspiration to others.

Themes and topics to be explored include:

  • The Art of Dynamic Balancing in an Environment of Rapid Change
  • Cultivating Balance within Relationships, Work, and Community
  • Finding Peace Amidst Turbulence, Clarity in Confusion
  • Principles & Practices of Mind Fitness
  • Weaving the Paths of Mastery & Mystery
  • Keys to Change Resilience
  • Personal Energy Management
  • Creative Intelligence: Balancing Active & Quiet Mind Skills
  • Listening to whispers rather than waiting for screams!
  • Understanding how “Choice Follows Awareness”
  • Mindful Presence & the Mastery of Attention
  • Deepening Wisdom at Work
  • Expanding your courage, confidence, and compassion
  • Meditations for cultivating dynamic balance in daily life
  • Guidelines for integrating these principles into daily life-work