Executive Presence

Executive Presence:

Developing Your Capacity to Lead, Inspire, and Influence in Complex Times

Have you ever noticed how the Presence of a leader can have a profound effect on the people whose lives they touch – for better or for worse?

Can you remember moments when you own presence as a leader inspired you and others to come together to accomplish great things, and wondered how to activate that potential within yourself more fully?

Our dynamic highly interactive programs will help to you and other leaders in your organization or community to develop the capacity necessary realize yours potentials for Executive Presence.

Executive presence offers a highly integrated suite of practices that equip leaders with the skills for leading, inspiring, and influencing others in complex and rapidly changing times.  Drawing inspiration from leading edge research in neuropsychology of leadership, social neurobiology and cognitive neuroscience, and mindfulness research this workshop blends principles of Executive Presence with profoundly practical and accessible skill-sets that enable you to better:

  • Understand the vital advantages of developing Executive Presence
  • Increase mindfulness and mastery of attention
  • Develop the courage to deeply examine, question, and change patterns of mind and in order to realize your highest potentials
  • Develop your capacity for deep listening, empathetic communication, and skillful action
  • Embody the qualities of Creative Intelligence
  • Utilize the Seven Mental Fitness Disciplines to embody desired qualities of being in any situation
  • Develop personal integration skills to inspire and lead resiliently in the midst of increasing complex, stressful, and rapidly changing circumstances.
  • Model radical authenticity and integrity and any situation
  • Clarify and refine your personal values, priorities, and code of conduct

The primary goals of Executive Presence programs are to provide each participant with an integrated blend of life-skills, principles, practices, and insights for living and working with extraordinary wisdom, change resilience, creative intelligence, compassion, and effectiveness.  Our vision is that you will apply this learning to increasing your sense of fulfillment and effectiveness at work,  and beyond, in every arena of your life, work, and relationships.


 Understanding the vital need for Executive Presence this workshop is intended to inspire those who seek to develop their capacity to serve as competent and inspiring leaders in these VUCA Times (i.e. VUCA is Volital, Uncertain, Chaotic/Complex, Ambiguous).  The anticipated benefits of this workshop include:

  • Increased self-confidence and self-mastery in responding skillfully to the changes and challenges of your lives, work, and world
  • Improved mastery of attention and quality of mindful presence
  • Increased capacity to live and model life-skills that will inspire and help others
  • Reduced vulnerability to stress-related disease
  • Improved quality of health and vitality
  • Improved skills for “deep listening” and increased capacity for effective communications and relationships
  • Skills for keeping being fully present and clear minded in the midst of challenging circumstances
  • Sharing insights and making connections with other participants
  • Expanded capacity for deep reflection regarding complex issues
  • Increased capacity to build synergy between your inner-work and work in the world.
  • Enhanced change resilience
  • Develop greater skill in living and working in dynamic balance
  • Develop greater confidence, clarity, and peace of mind

This rare opportunity to learn from experts in the field and engage in dialogue and new learning with your colleagues will inspire you to understand in improve the quality of your Executive Presence.

Understanding the vital need for Executive Presence this workshop is intended to inspire those who seek to develop their capacity to serve as competent and inspiring leaders in these VUCA Times (i.e. VUCA is Volatile, Uncertain, Chaotic/Complex, Ambiguous)

Weaving a wide array of insights and methods from their extensive experience developing leaders with extraordinary capacity in hundreds of leading organizations around the globe, the facilitators will share perspectives from many arenas including:

  • U.S. Army Special Forces “Ultimate Warrior/Jedi Warrior” Training Program
  • Google’s “Mindfulness and Meditation Laboratory” and “Search Inside Yourself Program”
  • NASA’s Advanced Leadership Training and Hazardous States of Awareness Research Project
  • Intel’s “Attention Leadership” program
  • Intuit’s “The Leader’s New Work” program
  • Decades of intensive research and training in fields related to extraordinary human potential and leadership

Participants will be invited to generously experiment with the ideas and methods presented, and to apply what they have learned on their terms as well as to the unique circumstances of their personal lives and work.