((( Aloha )))

Aloha Mai )))

Welcome to our slide show for friends, family, and colleagues who are interested in catching a glimpse of our home, farm, community, way of life, the amazing natural beauty of the Big Island of Hawaii, and sits wise and generous culture and people.  Over the past 35+ years we have been fortunate to travel extensively, live, work, study in the Islands, to work and study closely with community and cultural leaders, and to guide gatherings at many venues on the Big Island, Maui, and Kauai.  

In this work we have partnered with many local organizations including:  Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, North Hawaii Community Hospital, Saint Francis Hospice of Hawaii, Hilo YWCA, Oahu Interfaith Alliance, Kohala Center, Five Mountains Hawaii, Kohala Institue, University of Hawaii, IPAC, Big Island Work-Life Wellness Taskforce, Arcturus Design Group, Maui Community College, Lokahi Garden Sanctuary, New Moon Foundation, Sustainable Kohala, and other local groups whose missions are to affirm the highest potentials and greatest health for residents of the Islands, visitors, the ‘aina (biosphere), and the world.

Since our networks of friends and colleagues span the globe, we have welcomed visitors from around the world who have come to explore the life-affirming elements of the Islands, its ‘aina, people, and ancient cultures.  

May these images offer an inspiring glimpse of our lives-work and the Aloha Spirit of this sacred land and its people.

E komo mai )))

Joel & Michelle Levey

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The following video is posted in honor of our beloved friend and mentor, Hawaiian elder Kumu Raylene Ha’alelea Kawaiae’a, who died in a car crash on March 9, 2012. Kumu collaborated with us on many wisdom and wellness programs that we worked on for the local community and for colleagues and friends who visited from around the world.

In this moving video, Kumu sings a chant of appreciation for the many sustaining forces of our lives – to the earth, to the living beings, to the oceans, mountains, and Spirit…. This excerpt was filmed on location at our home, Kohala Sanctuary on the Big Island of Hawaii by Nova Ami and Velcrow Ripper, and parts of this interview will be featured in their upcoming documentary Occupy Love.