Wisdom at Work

Wisdom of Collective Intelligence

Wisdom at Work offers a wealth of experience and success in facilitating intensive programs for increasing the capacity of innovation teams in realizing their potentials for collective wisdom and creative intelligence.

 Our unique approach to Collective Wisdom and Creative Intelligence provides a skillful blend of 

~ Advance mind-fitness training

~ Advance protocols for creative teams 

~ Advance digital strategies for mapping and managing the creative flow of collective wisdom and intelligence

“My own working assumption is that we are here as local Universe information gatherers.  We are given access to the divine design principles so that from them we can invent the tools that qualify us as problem solvers in support of the integrity of an eternally regenerative Universe.’

~ R. Buckminster Fuller 

Please contact us to explore the possibilities for you, your design team, organization or community.

Our programs inspire you to understand, develop, and raise your creative intelligence and potentials for breakthroughs in creativity and innovation through a rich blend of dynamic personal and collective intelligence skills that are profoundly needed in these VUCA times (i.e. Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous times).

These enhanced skills include:

Our dynamic, highly interactive, and experiential learning experiences can be adapted to meet the creative needs and interests of a wide range of audiences – ranging from intimate explorations with small, intact creative design teams, to keynote presentations for larger audiences and diverse groups of professionals seeking to increase their capacity for breakthroughs in innovation that contribute to the triple bottom line.

Embracing the creative imperatives of these dangerous and exciting times, this compelling workshop is intended to inspire those who seek to discover solutions and creative responses to the design challenges of these times by refining their cognitive capacity to access more refined and creative levels of personal and collective consciousness.

Weaving a wide array of insights and methods from their extensive experience guiding creative teams around the globe into the frontiers of innovation research, the Leveys will share perspectives from many arenas including:

Drawing insights and methods from a wide spectrum of inspiring sources, our Breakthroughs in Creativity and Innovation programs provide an introduction to a suite of profoundly practical high-tech mind-fitness practices for radically expanding your creative capacity.  This session offers a well-grounded approach, presenting profoundly practical and inspiring perspectives from the creative frontiers of neuroscience, contemplative neuroscience, social neurobiology and noetic sciences, research in collective wisdom and creative intelligence, intuitive research, and other related disciplines based on the study of extraordinary human wisdom, creativity, and performance. These will be generously referenced and made easily accessible for your consideration and personal experimentation.

You will be invited to generously experiment with the ideas and methods presented, to apply them in the laboratory your own life, work, and relationships, and to apply what you learn on your own terms to the unique circumstances of your own lives and work.