To support and encourage you, our students, clients, and colleagues in developing and deepening your practice of mindfulness and Joel & Michelle Sanctuary View Mauimeditation, we have created this page of “Essential Practices.”  We suggest that you bookmark this page and return often to see what new postings are offered here.  

We also warmly welcome your feedback regarding how you are integrating these methods into your daily life, work, and relationships, and the impact these practices are having on your life and the lives you touch.

Guidelines for Daily Practice of Mindfulness
Essential Meditation Practices for Daily Life – An inspiring excerpt from Leveys’ Living in Balance: A Mindful Guide for Thriving in Complex World (Note:  This chapter is posted for the benefit of our colleagues, friends, and students. Please don’t post or share this file with people as we prefer not to have a pdf of this file in wide circulation.  This chapter also offers a detailed introduction to the Tonglen meditation.)
Leveys Essential Practices for Daily Life
Article:  Roots and Shoots of Mindfulness – an overview of the many traditions and perspectives of modern day mindfulness practice. Leveys Mindfulness ISSEEM Article
We are delighted to announce that we have two new Audible Programs that offer hours of inspiration and guided mindfulness practices and meditations:
Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mind Fitness  – (in three formats – has 10.5 hours of guided meditations and teachings in our voice.)
Focus! The Mastery of Mindfulness and Attention – (6.75 hrs of audio in our voices)

Guided Meditations:

Mindfulness Flow Sequence:

Mindfulness of Breath

Metta – Lovingkindness Meditation

Mental Massage

Dimensions of Mindfulness

Elemental Breath

Tense and Relax