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The dire circumstances of these complex and intensified times compelled us all to radically revise how we train and deploy emergency services professionals who work in highly stressful VUCA environments where Volitility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity are the norm.  To respond wisely and effectively to these stressful circumstances professionals need robust training in personal awareness and self-mastery.

We have been fortunate to develop some pioneering programs for military leaders that have great potential implications for professionals working in police, fire, and ambulance services.

The following links offer an inspiring glimpse of this work:

• Transcript of Levey presentation at a special hearing at British Parliament on “The Vital Role of Mindfulness for Emergency Blue Light Services and the Military

Overview of our Jedi Warrior Training for the Special Forces

Detailed Overview of Jedi Warrior

• Full transcript with Leveys and other distinguished speakers at the British Parliament’s special hearing on “The Vital Role of Mindfulness for Emergency Blue Light Services and the Military”

Please contact us to explore the possibilities of a program for your colleagues, community, or organization.


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Joel and Michelle Leveys are Social Arts whose work spans many disciplines and traditions. Their work has inspired leaders and audiences in hundreds of leading organizations and communities around the globe.
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