Compassion Games – Survival of the Kindest – Begins Today

Sep 22, 2012 | Compassionate Cities Initiative, Meditation and Medicine

The Compassion Games – Survival of the Kindest begin today!

For the past few months our leadership team at Wisdom at Work have been working to help envision, develop, and launch the Compassion Games in Seattle Sept. 21- Oct. 22, 2012 .   We invite those of your in the NW to get involved (along with our cosponsor United Way) and for those of you in other communities – to consider how such an initiative might play out in your region. (See also, our work with the International Campaign for Compassionate Cities – )
Here is an overview of the compassion games with some links of interest:

Projects and Events
There is the opening day Urban Mural Project…, the Peace Vigil and Concert at the Interfaith Community Church…, and a booth at the United Way Day of Caring after-party.
During the last five days of the games a “community build” to create a playground is taking place in Roxhill from October 17 – October 21 then there’s the closing ceremonies at the Seattle Center on October 21.
There are many events and community service projects happening between the opening and closing days.
You can find the events here and
the volunteer opportunities here .

A Cool Facebook Application that lets a person choose how they want to play

Signing Up for SuperBetter
We have our first group of heroes that we are allies with a supporting them in getting SuperBetter.

Participating in the Kindness Class
We are also hosting a Kindness Class – Led by Andy Smallman Here is a blog post we published today This is a great for anyone to participate no matter where they are.

Main Stream Media
The compassion games was mentioned on KUOW by the Interfaith Amigos on 9/11.
You can see the blog post we wrote and link to the podcast here

There was an editorial piece written by Gary Davis and the Stories of Compassion group. That has led to a number of stories appearing. We were the featured story on crosscut.

We were in the B-Town Blog…

It was posted on the KPLU website

Social Media
Our Facebook page is
Our Twitter stream is
The cool Compassion Games Facebook App is

The Big Close
This discussion is intended to give you the content you need to spread the word about what’s happening with the Compassion Games. That’s the key thing right now that we need the most….getting the word out.

Getting the word out to participants and volunteers will be the key. This will only happen by us engaging with it. As it says in the Indigenous Guiding Principles “no participation no development”. Please take a few minutes to help spread the word in whatever shape or form works for you!


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