Present, Open and Connected

Jul 1, 2023 | Current Programs


with Joel & Michelle Levey

11-16 August 2023

Uplifted by the inspiring forces of nature, a community of kindred spirits, and supported by the guidance of experienced teachers, this special program of meditation, inspiration, and celebration offers a rare opportunity to continue to deepen in our journey of Awakening. Amid the exquisite natural beauty of Indralaya, we will delve into timeless wisdom teachings and engage in profound practices for awakening natural awareness, insight, and wholehearted compassion.

We will share a rich blend of deep reflection and deep connection with our multidimensional selves, each other, and the natural world – an exploration that is so relevant for enhancing our capacity to resiliently thrive and renew ourselves in these uncertain times.

Our days will weave a balance of inspiring wisdom teachings, mindful dialogue, reflection, contemplative silence, a variety of meditations for cultivating inner peace, joy, and well-being (including mindfulness, tonglen meditation, gratitude, embodied awareness and movement, lovingkindness, and awakening to clear presence and great compassion), along with ample time for personal care, community sharing and mindful adventures exploring the “holy book of nature.” Both experienced and novice meditators are warmly welcome!

More information and registration: Present, Open and Connected