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  • Receiving and Radiating: The Skillful Interfusion of Refuge & Tonglen

    23 April, 2023 Dharma Sunday with Joel Levey Inspired by Shabkar & The Holy Book of Nature 10:00 am – 12:00 pm ET The profound practices of Refuge and Tonglen open our heart and expand our mind to glimpse and access boundless resourcefulness, fearlessness, selfless wisdom, and engaged compassion.  Exploring the synergy and skillful interfusion […]

  • Mindful Practice & Contemplative Science in Education

    20 April, 2023 With Dr. Joel & Michelle Levey, Founders, Wisdom at Work 7-9 pm Pacific Time – West Coast US Info and registration at: https://www.ahacd.org/webinars Drawing insights from over 50 years of pioneering work in contemplative science and mindfulness research and education, this inspiring session will offer a wealth of practical insights, inspiration regarding the […]

  • Present, Open and Connected

    THE PATHS OF MEDITATION, NATURE AND COMMUNITY with Joel & Michelle Levey 11-16 August 2023 Uplifted by the inspiring forces of nature, a community of kindred spirits, and supported by the guidance of experienced teachers, this special program of meditation, inspiration, and celebration offers a rare opportunity to continue to deepen in our journey of Awakening. […]

  • World Unity Week 2022

    Increasing our courageous capacity to be fully present, open, empathically resonant, and compassionately responsive to our world is essential if we are to live as a force for good in our world. It takes great caring, courage and skill to stay open to the overwhelming complexity, intensity, beauty, and suffering in our world and respond […]